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A Clear View of Your Financial Landscape

The Financial Clarity Advantage (FCA) examines all aspects of financial planning, clarifies goals and recommends action. For individual clients, this includes:

  • Investment planning - We assess investment portfolio and savings strategies, then discuss how to better align the management, diversification and tax exposure given the client’s risk tolerance and distribution need. This includes fee-based investment management utilizing exchange traded funds and selected no-load mutual funds.
  • Estate and legacy planning - We review estate documents and beneficiary designations to ensure family wealth passes efficiently to recipients when desired. We also assess the need for both life and long-term care insurance.
  • Employer benefits planning - We explore what benefits your employer offers, including insurance, qualified plans and nonqualified plans, to ensure their greatest utility while working and at retirement.
  • Retirement Income Security Planning - We create a personal economic model of a client’s current financial situation and discuss what action he or she can take to maximize the likelihood of meeting retirement expenses through life expectancy.
  • Coordination - We coordinate with your attorney, accountant and other professionals to insure all your different pieces are working together.
  • Goal setting - Reaching important milestones in life begins with setting clear financial goals. We'll help you better plan for tomorrow by working with you to establish concrete goals that are realistically attainable. 

Learn About Our Five-Step Process

1. The Mutual Alignment

We carefully work with you and your family to fully explore, understand and develop your ideal vision, your values and your goals. Here we identify and prioritize what is most important to you.

2. The Data Navigator

We gather comprehensive data and conduct a cross disciplinary review of your complete financial situation. We create a model and review it with you to ensure we have a clear understanding of where you currently stand.

3. Uncovering the Disconnects

We perform an analysis of your situation to determine where your current arrangements are inconsistent with your objectives. We create models reflecting your future situation to identify coordination gaps and planning opportunities. We discuss our findings with you and mutually explore alternatives.

4. The Implementation Roadmap

We present The Financial Clarity Advantage Summary Document detailing how to best meet your stated objectives. Every plan is custom designed, and all of our recommendations are in writing. With our guidance, you will have a clear vision of how your goals can be achieved.

5. Goal Achievement Follow Through

We make certain that your plan is put into action and that each component is professionally implemented and fully integrated. A personalized service schedule is determined. We also offer annual financial planning services to help ensure that your plan remains current and continues to meet your objectives.

Learn more about the FCA

Fee Schedule for FCA

This client-centered process audits all aspects of our client's financial life, clarifies goals and recommends action. We charge flat fees to go through this multistep process, which can consist of several meetings, financial modeling and cash flow projections. Our computation of fees for the process is based on client complexity, net worth and scope of engagement.

We also may offer hourly consultative services to address specific areas of concern on a limited basis.

Estimate Your Flat Fee with Our Calculator

*This is a quote and is subject to change due to final services rendered and scope of the engagement.*